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Bee 14" Plush Stuffed Animal

Bee 14" Plush Stuffed Animal

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Bees are the most famous pollinators of all time. Did you know that most species of bees live on their own, not in the colonies and hives we typically imagine? There are over 16,000 species of bees that we know of in the world, everywhere except Antarctica. People have been keeping bees since ancient times, the Greek and Egyptians kept them too, at least 4,500 years ago if not longer, harvesting their honey and wax for various uses.

Bees help keep the life cycle of many plants alive by helping female plants become fertilized. While eating and gathering nectar, pollen catches on their fur and legs, then gets spread to other flowers. This ensures that the female plants can then produce seeds, by giving them what they need to turn their flowers into fruits and nuts.

The plush is about 14 inches long, and features bendable wings and super soft fur.

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