• Fresh Baked Pies, Fudge, Cider, Slushies, and more! Visit the Barn in-person for local seasonal Cherry and Apple festivals and taste the local mountain flavors year-round! Baked goods are made fresh every day in our bakery!

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  • Enjoy our smooth, famous fresh Fudge made with real creamery butter and the finest ingredients. Each Gourmet flavor is crafted with care by our family-owned business in the mountains of New Mexico. Online ordering is easy.  We deliver nationwide. Flavors vary from traditional Chocolate to truly New Mexican flavors including Green Hatch Chili, Espresso, and more!

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  • Shop in our Emporium to discover fantastic gifts for all ages! Jams, Jellies, Dry goods, home decor, toys, Cloudcroft souvenirs, Apple Boy merchandise... We are constantly adding new gifts and items!

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The Old Apple Barn is between Alamogordo and Cloudcroft on Highway 82.

We are 6.5 miles down the mountain from Cloudcroft and 9.5 miles up the mountain from Alamogordo. Turn in at the big arrow that says OPEN  EVERYDAY!


949 Hwy 82

Mountain Park, NM 88325

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We want pies! Do you ship pies or any other food?

We love our pies! The risk of shipping damage, late delivery, and potential spoilage is unfortunately too great for us to ship these to customers. If you visit the barn we do offer boxes so our pies are safe to travel with you - either in your vehicle or stomach!

We DO ship our delicious Fudge! You can visit our New Mexico Fudge page to shop online!

What is that Apple Boy statue in front of the barn?

Apple Boy is the Old Apple Barn mascot who stands tall, waving at all from the high hill. He wears his traditional canvas picker bag, brimming with local apples. At over twelve feet tall, he was sculpted by Bill Niffenegger, the original owner, right in the Barn's workshop above the store.

You can shop in-store for Apple Boy merchandise and gourmet apple treats including pies, cider, and slushies!

Take a picture in front of Apple Boy and share on social media @oldapplebarn !

Still curious about Apple Boy? Learn more here!

Do you deliver products or can I shop online?

We do not currently offer delivery of our products, and we do not currently offer online shopping except for our delicious fudge.

When is the best time to visit New Mexico and see the Old Apple Barn?

The Old Apple Barn is open Every day 10am-5pm, so we easily fit into your travel plans!

Our warmer weather runs from May to October. The summer months give you warmer weather to explore incredible landscapes and hiking trails. There are also a variety of local fruit festivals, see the below "Apple/Cherry Festivals" FAQ.

The Old Apple Barn is also located at 6,710 feet elevation so we average 10 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than Alamogordo during the summer months!

October hosts the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, and the weather can vary year-to-year.

During winter months enjoy ice skating, skiing and inner tubing up in Cloudcroft!

We look forward to seeing you!

Didn't you have a restaurant before?

The Wild Game Bistro & Market is closed as of 2023. We are in the process of opening an Antique Emporium in the Red-Roof building in its place.

What is the parking situation at the Old Apple Barn?

We have a large parking lot! The parking lot does fill up during busy seasons. When overflowing with cars, an employee can help you find an open spot.

TOUR BUS OPERATORS: Please call ahead at (575) 682-2276 so we can ensure adequate parking availability.

Is the Old Apple Barn Closing???

The Old Apple Barn is NOT closing! The barn continues to be Open Every Day from 10am-5pm!

Do you offer Fruit Picking?

The Old Apple Barn does not have fruit picking, we do not have orchards on the property. There are nearby local orchards that DO offer seasonal fruit picking!

Built in 1941, our Old Apple Barn was a two-story brick block and wood building was built to process their apples and vegetables.

Tell me about the Apple and/or Cherry Festivals...

High Rolls, New Mexico holds seasonal events for fruit picking and festivities! The Old Apple Barn is ~1.5 miles up the mountain on US-82 from these events!

Cherry Festival

Held on the second full weekend in June, the High Rolls Cherry Festival features fruit sold by local growers, cherry pies, and an abundance of food and craft vendors. The mountain setting also provides a welcome escape from the summer heat.

Apple Festival

On the third full weekend of September, enjoy the cool, crisp autumn air at the High Rolls Apple Festival. Apples provided by local growers, apple pies, apple butter, and an assortment of vendors; a great setting to take care of some early holiday shopping.

Outside of these festivals, visit the Old Apple Barn for fruit pies, butters, preserves, and delicious food year-round!