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Axolotl 22" Pink Plush Stuffed Animal

Axolotl 22" Pink Plush Stuffed Animal

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Axolotls are HOT among Gen Z and families, and we have them in-stock! Includes an educational hang-tag to teach kids about this fascinating animal.

Known as the Mexican walking fish, the Axolotl isn’t a fish at all! Axolotls are actually aquatic salamanders. Most salamanders will go through an aquatic larval form before they become adults. In their larval form, they look like large tadpoles and have the fun-looking crown created by their external gills. However, unlike other salamanders, Axolotls never lose their external gills or start walking on land. Instead, they spend their entire lives underwater.
Fun Facts about Axolotls:

Axolotls can lay up to 1,100 eggs at a time!
Axolotls can regrow their feet, legs, spinal cords, and even part of their brain!
Sexual maturity occurs between 12-24 months.
Young Axolotls will hatch out between 11-14 days after conception.
In the wild, Axolotls face a variety of threats and are considered critically endangered.

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