travel back to a simpler Time


Built in 1941, the two-story brick block and wood building was built by seven local orchard guys to process their apples and vegetables. The produce was boxed on the top floor, then slid down to the lower floor for loading through the big freight doors onto train cars. All was halted with the demise of the railroad. For decades the structure sat idle except for local square dances.

The Old Apple Barn has caused a lot of buzz since it has been opened for public view in 2005. It is like an old style emporium. Interior large beams have been preserved.

Visitors take in the fantastic mountain view and air while relaxing on the big front deck.

When old-fashioned Emporiums were filled with delight


The Emporium is a step back to an early twentieth-century dime store. Items are displayed prominently in the Old Apple Barn interior with its 12' high beamed ceilings. Grandparents love to show their grandkids what toys they played with as kids. Old-time music fills the store and customers have been known to step into a dance as they shop. The Emporium has something special for Everyone. 

From our kitchen to you, bakery delights and treats

Mountain Delights

Our pies, fudge, and ciders are handmade right here in the Barn's full service Bakery. We serve pie slices to go, or warmed with ice cream to enjoy this memorable dessert outside on our deck. We use only the finest ingredients! Our signature fudges are famed in the area and make wonderful gifts. We feature an old-fashioned Soda Fountain with our very own Creamy Root Beer and Cream Soda, made just like the old days in 1898...

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