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Fidget Ball Rotating Orbit Marble Toy, Four Colors Available

Fidget Ball Rotating Orbit Marble Toy, Four Colors Available

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Flip, twist, roll, and rotate this orbit toy and experience the joy of spinning marbles! Tired of fidget spinners or pop-it’s? This is a fun and affordable fidget for all ages.

The Rotating Orbit Fidget Cube Toy is made of high-quality eco-friendly ABS materials with a smooth, ergonomic surface. Four marbles freely move along the inside of the rotating ball and is fairly quiet with the click of the metal balls tapping each other being the only sound – the perfect boredom buster.

This stress relief toy is only 2.36''*2.75'' large and 2.5 oz weight, perfect for carrying everywhere. It is suitable for people over 6 years old. It can also be used as office decompression toys, kindergarten education supplies, Christmas stocking stuffers, and early education toys.

This Rotating Orbit Fidget Toy is available in 4 different color combinations. Retailers' orders will have random assortment of colors shipped - Also available in display box of 24.

** Not designed to be dropped or thrown.
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