Old Apple Barn
Historic building harkens days of heirloom apples and the
Cloud Climbing Railroad

The Old Apple Barn, located on Highway 82 in Mountain Park,
New Mexico, has caused a lot of  buzz since it has been
converted and opened for public view for the first time in 2005.
Built in 1941, the tw-story brick block and board and batt
building was built to process apples and vegetables. The
produce processed and boxed on the top floor, then slid
down to the lower floor for storage or loading through the
thick wooden freight doors onto train cars.

The apple processing was halted with the demise of the
railroad. For decades the structure sat idle except for
occasional local square dances. A flour mill occupied the
space for a few years. Then, in the early 1980’s, Dan and Peg
O'Leary operated a southwestern furniture factory called
Mountain Light Woodworks in the base of the barn. In 1994
Bill and Beverly Niffenegger, the current owners, purchased
the barn for a digital art training center and their art studios.

The second story now holds a workshop/studio and an
owners loft.  3,000 feet of the 4,000 square foot bottom floor
has been converted into a combined General Store, Gift Shop,
Bistro and Gallery.  The Old Apple Barn is very much like an
old style Emporium from the twenties. “We left the front of the
building virtually untouched. The scale of the building, the old
freight doors, and the aged materials are beautiful just as they
are," Niffenegger says. “The interior large beams and rustic
construction have also been preserved. The balance of the
space is used for fruit storage and for the Fudge Factory.”

The view from the deck is of Haynes Canyon, with its fresh
water springs and the pine covered mountains. The local
canyons were the site of many orchards. Some heirloom
orchards still remain hidden within and the Niffeneggers are
committed to the continuation and preservation of the vintage
apple varieties which are not found in grocery stores of today.

Visitors take in the fantastic mountain view and air while
relaxing on the big deck and enjoying a meal or snack. The
Old Apple Barn is indeed a unique building, brimming with