Be part of a new and very simple opportunity to raise money
with a gourmet treat made locally, right here in the New
Mexico mountains. Sell gourmet fudge from the Fudge
Factory in the Old Apple Barn. The fudge is a highly sought-
after taste treat for which local folks return again and again.

So, how is it so simple for you?
Your participants sell dollar-bill size coupons that fit right into
the buyer’s wallet. Your supporters simply come to the Old
Apple Barn themselves to select their favorite fudges right at
the counter. Unlike other programs, you have no product
delivery hassles!

You have no upfront costs.

We provide you with a beautiful color sales sheet for each
seller to show customers.

Each seller gets numbered coupon books with easy fill-in
sales-tracking stubs.

The fudge buyer simply comes to the Old Apple Barn Fudge
Factory within a year to select their favorite flavors of fudge.

Coupons are a $10 denomination, keeping transactions easy.
Customers wanting a full pound of fudge simply buy two
coupons for $20.

At the end of a two week sales drive, you return your coupon
sales stubs, we tally them, and your organization keeps 40%
of the sales.

You’re done! (And your supporters are happy, too.)

Contact us at the Old Apple Barn:
Phone:   575-682-2276
Fax:   575-682-2177
Email:  oldapplebarn@yahoo.com