How would you like to travel back to a simpler time? A time
when things seemed to move at a slower pace... When
old-fashioned Emporiums were filled with delightful smells
and wonders from all over the world... When kids were as
excited to visit as Grandma? Well, the Old Apple Barn is just
the place for you.

The Emporium is a step back to an early twentieth-century
dime store. Items are displayed prominently in the Old Apple
Barn interior with its 12' high beamed ceilings. Grandparents
love to show their grandkids what the old emporiums were
like and what toys they played with as kids. Old time music
fills the store and customers have been known to step into a
dance as they shop. Dad can eat an Elk sausage sandwich on
the big mountain-view deck while Mom shops the store.

The Emporium has something special for Everyone:
Vintage Music CDs             Pistachios
Cabin Decor                       Cider
Kitchenware                        Jam
Cast Iron                           Honey
Tin Signs                           Fudge
    Incense                       Seasonings
                 Toys                  New Mexico Gift Foods
      Jewelery                   Christmas Corner
        Soaps                    Bird Lover's Nook
Hilarious and lovely Greeting Cards
Woodwick Candles