Barn Appetit’

We serve only the best quality meats for our hot sandwiches:
Smoked Elk Sausage and Nathans Large All Beef Hot Dogs.

Order a fully loaded Barn Dog, Elk Sausage sandwich with
German Mustard and Sauerkraut, traditional Chili Dog or a
New Mexico Green Chile Cheese Dog.

A variety of Vintage sodas are always available in bottles. We
also have an old fashioned soda fountain with our own
Creamy Root Beer, Original recipe Sarsasparilla and
Lemonade with custom flavors of Strawberry, Cherry and

Our own Icy cold Cherry Cider is ready to grab, available in
pints, quarts and half gallons. We make the Cherry Cider right
here in our Cider Room.

Sip piping hot Pinon Coffee and take home a bag of the local
coffee beans, ground or whole bean.

All made right here daily, get buttered popcorn.

And, you can’t miss our popular Caramel Fudge Apples,
sold right at the Fudge Counter.